Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas 6/12 Months

Stelatopia Skin Soothing Pajamas 6/12 Months

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Especially formulated for the atopic-prone skin of your child, discover the STELATOPIA® Innovation, the skin soothing pajamas and their encapsulated natural active ingredients technology. Proven anti-itch efficacy. 

The first Stelatopia® skin soothing pajamas which combines a 100% cotton textile and a soothing encapsulated formula with 100% of ingredients of natural origin..
A textile specifically designed for atopic-prone skin:
- 100% cotton fibers, recommended for atopic-prone skin
- Textile certified Oeko-tex standard 100®. An European label imposing strict controls to ensure skin safety by banning the use of harmful chemicals.
- Outer seams: to limit scratching
- Textile adapted to the growth of the child: roll-up sleeves and feet, American collar.
- Developed in partnership with the French Institute of Textiles and Clothing (IFTH).
A soothing formula with 100% cosmetic ingredients of natural origin:
- Efficacy on the sensations of itching: reduces the incentive to scraping.
- Improvement of the sleep
- Softer and more comfortable skin.


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