Nourishing Cleansing Gel with Cold Cream 300ml

Nourishing Cleansing Gel with Cold Cream 300ml

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Nourishing cleansing gel for baby and child with Cold cream. This nourishing cleansing gel, body and hair, is ideal for daily use from birth on.

• Throrougly and gently cleanses dry skin.

• Nourishes the skin and compensates for the drying effects of bathing.

• Tear-free formula.


Guaranteed safety from birth on :

Tested under dermatological and pediatric control.

High skin and eye tolerance.

Hypoallergenic - Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

0% paraben, 0% phthalate, 0% phenoxyethanol*.


(1)Including newborns out of the NICU.


• Patented nourishing complex:

Avocado Perseose, patented natural ingredient: protects the skin barrier, moisturizes, and preserves the cellular richness of the skin

Ceramides + Cold cream: nourishes and helps to maintain the natural protective barrier of the skin

• Mild surfactants: gently cleanse to preserve skin and sclap from dryness

• Soap-free


Biodegradable formula(3).

92% ingredients of natural origin*


(3)According to OECD method 302B.




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