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Wrinkles - eyelids - dark circles - puffiness - eyelashes - radiance an outstanding look of the eyes in 30 days.

Absolute anti-age [WRINKLES+LIFT]: A combination of [restructuring + botox-like] active ingredients acts to reduce all eye wrinkles. In addition, a duo of plants extracts lifts the upper eyelids to help open up the eyes again.

Visible anti-fatigue [DARK CIRCLES+PUFFINESS]: A complex of decongesting active ingredients rich in [peptides + metalloproteins] encourages microcirculation to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Eye beauty [BRIGHTNESS+EYELASHES]: An extract of white pearls rich in trace elements, combined with soft-focus agents reflects the light and instantly revives the brightness of the eyes. At the same time, a [peptide + isoflavone] duo strengthens and coats the eyelashes making them thicker.

CRYO-TECHNOLOGY BY FILORGA: CRYO-APPLICATOR with an instant cooling effect + CRYO-TEXTURE to improve efficacy.

USE: Deliver the required product dose by slowly pressing on the pump.

With the cryo-active applicator, apply EYES-ABSOLUTE® morning and evening to the eye area by exerting slight pressure and then circular massages around the eyes, eyelids and along the lash line. For optimal penetration, finish with fingertips.


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